About Our Firm

Our company was founded back in 2008, especially to provide the highest level of service and customer attention to the tax debt business. We were displeased with the variety of fraudulent companies running in the business, taking people’s money but not delivering on the work they assured.

We understood that’s not the way people deserved to be medicated, and was a perfect opportunity for us (as seasoned consultants in the business), to start a company that really took care of our clients.

Individuals don’t want to be jerked about, or over-guaranteed things that businesses can’t deliver on. People just want the straight-up an honest view of their scenario, and truth.

If you would like a taste of how we do things differently, and are striving to be better please give us a call. Our registered agents are standing by, and ready to take your call and give you a quick, 15-minute consultation which will leave you knowing what to do, what plans you may qualify for, and exactly where you stand.